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King Street Pet Hospital

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We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, and Care Credit.

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Traveling With Your Pet?

Hawaii is rabies-free. Hawaii's quarantine law is designed to protect residents and pets from potentially serious health problems associated with the introduction and spread of rabies. All dogs and cats, regardless of age (puppies and kittens included) or purpose, must comply with Hawaii's dog and cat import requirements.

We can help you with travel for your pets to and from Hawaii. Call or e-mail us to learn about what requirements your pet needs for travel. Use these links for more information on entering Hawaii with a pet:

General Hawaii Animal Quarantine Information:

Checklist for Hawaii Resident Pets - Departing From and Returning to Hawaii

Checklist for 5 Day or Less: New to Hawaii pets

If you have already had your pet's blood sample drawn for the OIE-FAVN Rabies test, you can search for your results using your pet's microchip number here: